Friday, September 28, 2007

Tony Janicik & Debbie Griffin

Congratulations to my ol' man and Debbie! Wednesday they announced to the family that they've tied the knot after about 13 years together!

Dad and Deb took us to the Westchester Broadway Theatre to see Little Shop of Horrors. Unfortunately, because I had school that day, I wasn't able to be there on time and arrived about half way through the play. From what I was told by everyone, they announced to the theatre a congratulations for not only them, but for Carol's graduation as well.

It was a great night; I only wish I was able to be there from start to finish. We had a private balcony that seated Dad, Deb, Gramma, Carol, myself, Cliff, Katlyn, and one of Dad and Debbie's friends from work (sorry I forgot your name!). It was nice to get all fancied up to celebrate rather than for work. We don't do things like that too often.

So, once again, congratulations to Dad & Debbie on the occasion of their marriage. All the best, I love you both!

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