Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Week

So, in recent days my MMA gloves have come in, along with a few rashguards and other stuff. I've also ordered headgear and better shin guards. The necessity for headgear was announced by Brian last night when just about everyone who sparred (not me, my ankle is still banged up) demonstrated their proficiency in head kicks. And now, I find myself asking...why?

After speaking with one of my "cut persons" it was explained to me that while the staples are indeed ready to come out if I want them out, the skin would still be very weak and still very susceptible to being reopened. Whether the staples stay or go, my situation doesn't really change.

Shit. So I'm going to leave them in, since with or without them I'm still DL'ed. I am still not going to be able to do MMA, jiu jitsu, or wrestling for another week. I am going to tend the deepest wound, the depression associated with not doing jiu jitsu, with a special medicine I call "alcohol." Le sigh...

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