Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Night In Atlantic City

Big congrats to Brian for kicking the crap out of his opponent last night to improve his recrod to 4-0! The match only lasted 32 seconds long. The play by play is as follows:

1. The two fighters slowly walked toward each other.
2. Brian shot a double, and scored the takedown.
3. Brian immediatly went to side control.
4. Brian got knee on stomach, and quickly went to full mount.
5. Brian got an armbar, and was forced to break it when the dude didn't tap.

It all happened very quickly. Rob Kahn is up and was in Brian's corner for the fight. Rob will also be doing a seminar on Sunday that I'll be attending, and I hope the hole in my head won't hinder me too much.

Anyway, after the fight we all (had to be 20-30 people) got some food and drinks. Then we all pretty much split up and Cliff and I roamed around the casino all night looking for drinks. And when I say all night, I mean it. We did not sleep. A casino is a really crazy're definatly in another world. Seeing people just piss money away like they do is very, very eerie. Another thing that we were suprised about is the difficulty we had getting alcohol. Now that I think about it, we probly would have just sat around drinking and bored if we weren't so busy finding the next bar that hasn't closed yet, but is about to. We tried gambling a little bit, but very shortly into the matter we decided Blackjack is not a sound investment.

At about dawn we walked down to the beach.

We didn't see actual dawn, but what we did see was pretty. We hung out on the beach for awhile, and got ready to head home. I put almost 1,000 miles on my car in about a 12 hour period (we had terrible directions on the way down and went way out of our way). The ride home was difficult, as I was very tired, but we made it back safe and sound.

Once again, congrats to Brian, and I'm looking forward to training with Rob tomorrow. Salut!

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