Friday, June 29, 2007

The Vundo

So my computer got hit with the VUNDO virus recently. It basically made my work week pathetic...I couldnt do anything. I was able to keep up on The Janicik Report by using Carol's computer, but using a mac for someone who was born on a PC is very irritating...

So, $250 (hard drive replacement; Vundo burnt out what was left of the 2 year old hard drive that was in there) and hours of redownloading to do, my computer should be good as new. It is running a lot better even though I opted out of increasing my memory by 200% after learning the cost of just getting it running again. I was considering buying a new one, but with Carol's car needing to be replaced I'm not too eager to spend much money lately.

Regarding Carol's car, I'm actually pretty happy that we're getting her what she wants - a new Beetle. After driving around in an A4, I've been feeling a little guilty about having her drive around in a '98 with 180k miles on it. I'm not implying that her car was in disrepair (other than a non-functional A/C system), but she deserves better. We hope to get her brand new Beetle on Monday.

Anyhow, be on the watchout for this Virus! I picked it up off of one of my favorite websites: (I will NOT link to this site because that's where I got the virus). I haven't been back since. I'm sure I'll work up the gumption to go back to the site that has given me so many laughs in the past, but not for a while.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Janicik Report is Back Up

Ok, so the site wasn't overloaded. I just made a stupid mistake while updating it this morning and I didn't find out about it until this evening.

However, all is well. You may now all resume your fact finding missions at to quench your thirst for MMA news, Liberal bashing, and whatever catches my eye that I find interesting. Thanks for your patronage, come again!

Back to the Janicik Report

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doing one's job...

What happens if you go to work, and you don't do what you were hired to do? You get fired. If I own a deli, and you won't make sandwiches, you do not work for me. If I own a taxi service, and you refuse to bring people where they want to go, you do not work for me. Your reasons are irrelevant. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who'd love to have the job you won't do.

Find the article I'm referring to here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

U.S. Captures Latest Al-Queda Captive


Gore Slams Bush Sr. For NOT Taking On Iraq

Rush played these clips on Tuesday, and I'm sure they're on blogs and websites everywhere now...YouTube must have some bandwidth quota to be able to handle all the playbacks that Rush surely has drawn.

A link to video has also been put up on the Drudge Report, and the Janicik Report. With this video now brought back to life, how can anyone take him seriously in any context? Global Warming? I wonder if this will hurt his book sales, heh.

This was from September of '92:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nice Save!

Got this in an email, thought I'd host it and put it up for all to see!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Fists fly on Alabama Senate floor

In responce to being called a "son of a (undisclosed)," Senator Charles Bishop punched Senator Lowell Barron in the head. I really don't think this is much of a big deal. I'm not one for getting into arguments with Democrats...I grew up in a house with two people whom, although I was too young to realize at the time, are Democrats. They couldn't hold their own against me in an argument, and still can not to this day. So, they resorted to changing the subject, sarcasm, and when things got really tough for them, name calling.

Regardless, I think that a good punch in the face can do a lot of good! Think of Paris Hilton lately...all the press and hullabaloo over her breaking of the law could have been avoided. Certainly, the jail time that she was sentanced too was meant to shock her into reality and make her realize that she must start acting like an adult. Would not a good, strong, punch in the face have the same effect? I guess I can't say for certain, since punching people in the face and getting punched in the face is a sport and leisure activity for me and some of my closest friends, but I would guess that to people who aren't used to a row of knuckles on the jaw would get the message pretty clearly. Just think - James Brown given a new way to help out his community!

Anyhow, back to my calling and other assinine ways of expressing yourself should be no more acceptable than punching someone in the face. I liken punching someone in such a way as Senator Bishop did as just another form of expression. No? If burning the American Flag is a form of expression, then so is denting someone's face. You insult me, I'll insult you back. If you dont insult me, you wont be insulted back. If we can get the nation as a whole to understand that if you're in a heated argument, and you do something as low as insult your opponent the result is that you're going to get hit, it will make it that much less likely to happen. Arguments will have an outcome, a conclusion...and I suppose if inflamatory comments such as insults aren't at their disposal, Democrats would lose every time - which really means that everybody wins! Ha!

In true liberal fashion, I hope that Barron realizes that it was the environment, the situation that forced Bishop to react in such a way (tounge firmly in cheek). Besides, most people don't know how to throw a punch; this supported by the fact that Barron wasn't hurt.

Anyhow, although I could rant on about this, I think I've said everything that really matters. Find the article referring to this incident by clicking here.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Putin to attend Emelianenko Fight

So this will actually be the second time the Russian president is present for some MMA action...President Bush's secret service better know this face, and be preparred to airlift the President out if it comes within 23479348750934 miles of the G8 summit:

See the article on by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Secret Weapon Revealed?

Bush has been accused of causing hurricanes before...perhaps this is his doing as well?

Conspiracy theory: Bush created a hurricane to take out New Orleans, where a lot of black people live! He hates black people! He must have, Gore said so (I think it was him, but don't quote me)!

It makes sense that now, as a conflict with Iran seems more and more likely to happen, that Bush will strike first as he has in the past! Since he's been known to use the weather to attack people before, history shows that Bush is doing this as well! OMFG! Worst president ever! We're all doomed!

Hahahahaha, find the article I'm referring to here.

GOP Hopefuls Slam Bush

Wow, such a trend has developed that even Republicans are bashing Bush. Is this a result of the biased media doing everything they can to make Bush look bad that the GOP won't even attempt to fight it? Do they believe that the general conservative public disagrees with what Bush has done in Iraq? I'm not sure that I do. The war is over, for those of you who aren't aware. We are involved in their civil war yes, but we finished our primary objective as I knew it: Getting rid of Hussein. That was our war.

Republicans have been spineless lately. Speaking out against Bush the way they are, not supporting their own party, the current administration not standing up for itself until it's their base that they're pissing off (immigration)...almost enough to make me want to sit out a few elections to punish them!

HAHAHAHA!!!! The only thing dumber than voting for an asshole Republican is not voting for him. The idea of the most spineless of Republicans in office is still less revolting than a liberal like John McCain being elected...oh, wait...

Will Fred Thompson finally announce his candidacy? It's not that I know I want him, but I do want more to choose from. ::sob::

Find the article I'm referring to here.