Saturday, September 8, 2007

UFC: Champion vs. Champion

I'm watching this one by myself tonight. About half way through the card, I wanted to start blogging because I was pissed off that CroCop lost. Then, since I had my computer in my lap, I started doing play by play once my blog post caught up with what was going on. Although I'm appreciative that this card is free because it's in England, the commercials are annoying the shit out of me. Because of TiVo, I don't usually have to deal with commercials when I'm watching regular TV.

Alexander Houston is a gamer.

I like Marcus Davis, I'm glad he pulled out the win.

I am very disappointed in CroCop. He was completely dominated by Cheik Congo. Congo was able to use his reach and clinch game to grind out the decision over CroCop. The knees he threw did plenty of damage (especially the several groin shots, heh). CroCop easily won the first round, but definitively lost the second two.

Matt Hamill...I like Mike Bisping, so even if I didn't dislike Hamill so much, I still would have been rooting for Bisping. The first thing that pissed me off about Hamill is that he came out to Bruce Springsteen's "Born In the U.S.A." First of all, I understand that song to be one of frustration over the many problems soldiers who served in Vietnam had to deal with. Secondly, this was in England. Of course, the dude was greeted with boos for his entire walk to the octagon, and while Bruce Buffer was introducing him. Although this would have been equally as likely if Hamill didn't act like an idiot because Bisping is a Englishman himself, I think Hamill made his situation much worse.

I'm watching the fight as I type this, so here I'll switch into play by play mode as they throw...and throw they are. This doesn't look likes its going to be a long fight. Bisping looks uncomfortable with the pressure Hamill is putting on him. The pace has slowed after a Hamill take down and stand cut is hurting...Bisping is getting bullied around. He isn't offering too much on offense. Looking at the way he entered the ring, it might have taken a second for him to get into the fight. Bisping got hit hard with a right and is cut. He looks hurt. Bisping starting to get aggressive as Hamill starts to look a little fatigued. Bisping landed a couple, but Hamill starts to return fire. End of round 1, I give it to Hamill.

Round 2: Bisping is looking more aggressive. Hamill lands a single. Bisping working rubber guard, gives it up. I hate that...I love the rubber guard, and I think it is very underutilized in MMA. Hamill passes, almost takes Bisping's back, but Bisping gets to his feet. Bisping looks good agile on his feet, but he's not getting through with anything. Power double by Hamill. Bisping gets up and out. Bisping really needs to get pissed off and start throwing bombs. Hamill looks tired. End of round's close, but I give it to Bisping because he was working more. Hamill did get a takedown though, so its anybody's guess.

Round 3: Bisping opens up with some good punches that land. Hamill tries to respond with a double, but can't get it. Hamill misses out on another take down opportunity. Bisping is looking more confident. Hamill defiantly looks tired. Another right by Bisping. Hamill goes for a single, Bisping shakes it off. Hamill goes for a lazy double and gets it. Moves into half guard. Bisping gives up his back, Hamill doesn't want it. Back into Hamill's guard. Bisping works his way back to his feet. Knee by Bisping, Hamill eats it and scores a double. Sean Janicik yells at the TV: "Use your damned rubber guard!" Hamill passes, Bisping gives up his back again...spins back into side control. Hamill goes for a double, Bisping sprawls out at the horn. Again, that round Bisping seemed much more active, but Hamill did score a couple take downs. That round could go either way, as could the second. Given the traditional ways the UFC scores rounds, I would think they're going to give it to Hamill because he clearly out wrestled Bisping...however, decisions tend to favor the hometown favorite so who knows....Split decision victory goes to Bisping. I don't know what to make of it, it could have gone either way and usually UFC judges like wrestlers better.

Ok, I went to before the fights were on TV just to browse around. Unfortunately for me, they update the site as they happen. Given that the fights always happen before the broadcast, and this time they're in an earlier time zone, I know who won the Rampage vs. Hendo fight before I got to watch it. I don't think doing the play by play on this one will be as much fun. Randy makes his prediction, and he's right: Rampage takes the win. I'm gonna watch the fight now, and I'll get back to you with my comments after...

Man, I really don't like that howl thing Rampage does. I don't think John McCarthy, or any other ref for that matter, should be waring what looks like a pair of sweat pants in the octagon. Hendo should have had both of those armbars in the 4th round, but he looks pretty tired.

Good fight, Rampage definatly earned the decision. I hope Hendo drops down to 185, Bisping as well. Goldberg and Joe were talking about that at the end of the telecast, and honestly, I think there needs to be some more competition in that division. Right now there isn't much.

Alright, I've got to get to bed so I can be my best for Rob's seminar tomorrow. I'll be sure to fill in all of my 0 readers on how that goes.

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Sal Costello said...


He spent the whole night running away like a little girl. Hamil was the aggressor! UFC is protecting Bisping. Bisping sucks man!

That is complete bull!