Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day In Cold Spring

Ok, so Cliff didn't have any Captain in him yet...today we went down to Cold Spring. We = Myself, Cliff, Katlyn, and Kevin. Carol was working the night before and was sleeping while we went down. We didn't really do much while we were there...we arrived, walked down to the river and got some good pictures. Shortly after being by the water, we decided that we were hungry and ate. After we ate ourselves stupid, we were pretty done and decided to head out.

I'm finding that Carol's new camera is pretty good. 7.1 mega pixels, and is quite small and easy to carry around in your pocket...

As always, I have full sized and quality versions of all of these pictures, so if you want them, just ask.

Attached to the railing on the main patio thinger they have in town, there were several ropes that dove down into the water. Kevin was curious as to what they were, so he pulled one all the way out of the water. It ended up being a chicken leg in a steel cage. We didn't know at that moment, but they turned out to be crap traps. As we left and headed toward the restaurant, the guy who had set them up caught one and pulled it up.

Man, the scenery around here is nice. I'll wrap up this post with a few shots of the water and the boats. Enjoy, and Happy Labor Day!

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