Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Taking the Back and Saving Your Ankles

Last night I learned that not crossing your ankles while you've got back mount does not necessarily save your ankles from being broken.

Brian (not McLaughlin...sorry dude, I forgot your last name) put his right leg across the inside of my right foot while I had his back, and "figure four-ed" (such a strange term) his legs...sucked.

No, my ankle isn't broken, but I'm definatly hurting. I'll be back on the mat tonight. I think the only thing I won't be able to do is run for awhile, actually. In any case, I'll be thinking about this with every throbbing step I take around campus here at New Paltz.

On a better note, I hit a flying triangle last night...the first one I've ever gone for. I didn't really think about it, honestly. My thinking was that I was going to jump guard, but I had the right hand positioning to go right into the triangle...I was pretty happy about that.

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