Sunday, September 2, 2007

NE Grappling V Pics!

While up at the NE Grappling V tournament I ran into Derek Constable, who is with Brian alerted me to the fact that they had many pictures up from that tournament, so I thought I'd check it out. He wasn't kidding; I found many pictures of myself, as well as everyone else on the team. Here they are!

This kid had me in a front headlock that I couldn't back out of, so I did the only natural thing...I launched him.

Although I was straining (as I'm sure you can see in my face) I wasn't able to finish this. My foot wasn't where it needed to be. I was originally going for an omaplata, but he rolled me back over and I went for the gogo. Didn't work, but made for some sick looking pictures. I ended up getting a sweep out of the deal too, because when I let loose and he pulled up and out, he stood and I kicked him down...

...and sat up to try and pass.

These pictures shows the only time I was an any kind of danger of tapping.

This one looks like the triangle is sunk pretty deep, but I'm pretty proud of my reputation for being difficult to choke. With Brian screaming instructions to me from the sidelines, I was able to step over and make my way out.

One thing that I know I go for a lot is taking the back from mount and side control. The Gift Wrap is one of my favorite moves, and you can see one of the ways that I compound the move below. Notice my hand on his bottom leg, it will help me roll him over.

Sometimes I'll go for the gift wrap from mount, and jump to side control once I have it, as you can see me doing here.

Now, I go for the back!

Anyway, these pictures are great and help me remember all the fun I had for myself, as well as getting to watch everyone else on the team compete. Definatly go to MMA Photography to see the rest of the pictures. Everyone who competed is on there; Big John and Karl especially have some sick pictures up. 'Til next time!

Sean Janicik: 3-1 for 2nd place.


the teach said...

Sean, it all looks like some pretty SERIOUS stuff!! You are wearing a mouth protector or teeth protector (whatever is black in your mouth), right? I say congrats for 2nd place...Certainly looks like you deserved 1st! Thanks for showing me the pictures even though I looked at them squinting my eyes because I was afraid of what I'd see in the next picture. =0

Anonymous said...

Great job, you are fortunate to have a good photographer there, nice pic's. I like the look on the face of the kid in the background as you launch your opponent. It makes me miss sparring....I think.
Keep rockin and schlockin. Uncle Pat