Sunday, August 26, 2007

UFC 74

First off, congratulations to everyone who won. Everyone I was pulling for won, even the undercards who I hate not having been able to see. $40 aught to be able to get me every match, including two fights that showcased a former heavyweight champion (Frank Mir) and someone who was fighting only his second fight since being in a title bout (Babalu). I mean, come on. I saw Kendal Grove. I don't give a shit about Kendal Grove.

Big congratulations, by the way, to GSP. Many keyboard warriors on the net were talking about how Kos's wrestling were going to be too much for the Canadien. My own trainer picked Kos for this fight. I never stopped supporting GSP, and he showed why last night. I knew this was GSP's fight when I saw his walk to the octagon. He looked nothing like he did on his way to the Serra fight. He was bloodthirsty, and he needed to be. He got into the wring and not only beat Kos, but outwrestled him as well. No disrespect to Kos or his skills, I'm just a big GSP fan...or as they'd call me on, a GSP "nuthugger."

Another thing I'd like to note is what happened with Babalu. He held onto a choke longer than he should have and (although he let go long before serious damage could have occurred) he will be fined half his purse with a suspension also likely ( article). He did this because he was disrespected. Sobral complained that Heath had shouted obsenities at him. Heath also was (so I'm told) wearing a T-Shirt with Babalu's mug shot on it from his arrest a while back (mma weekly article). Although I can understand Babalu's reasoning for doing what he did, I still disagree with it. At the same time, I think half his purse is too much. It should be less than what these guys doing steroids are getting slapped with. Anyway, when it comes to professionalism in MMA, just ask yourself: What Would Randy Do? HAHAHA! Get it? WWRD? HAHAHA! Yeah...I crack me up.

Anyway, I wanted to say something about Roger Huerta. I realize that he may have family from Mexico. I also realize that the UFC may be trying to catch a new demographic for the sport (which can only be a good thing). I just want to note that I HATE the idea of an American carrying someone else's flag. Can't we find a Mexican guy to wave his country's flag on the way to the Octagon? If you're an American, you're an American. Teddy Roosevelt agreed with me.

A good card, all the way around. My favorites won, and none of the fights were a bore. I'll be looking forward to the next UFC card, but not as much as I'm looking forward to Brian's fights a week from Friday. Salut!

PS. I just looked at the UFC lineup for that I linked to above, and I wanted to point out that they have Dan Henderson's nickname as "Dangerous." I thought it was Hollywood. Oh well, just thought I'd point that out.

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