Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time Away From the Mat

So, I picked up some sort of infection on my leg, which has forced me to stay off the mat for a few days so that I don't get the rest of the team infected. Although I'm sure there's nothing wrong, I figured Brian knows best, and I'll take advantage of the time off.

Cliff, Katelyn, and I went to the Mills Mansion today and did some hiking around. It was already getting a little bit late by the time we got out there; there wasn't much daylight left. We did some poking around and got to see the river. It was the first time there for me, and I would have liked to see the inside of the mansion, but I wasn't going to complain about not being able to (forgive the poor grammar). After a slow day at the office, and no prospect of training afterwards, I basically asked Cliff to hang out with me so that I had something to do while Carol was at work (which I mistakenly thought was going to be until the early morning hours, but she ended up coming home actually before I did for the night). We did get to see many deer, and more upclose than I had ever been before, which was quite cool.

Afterwards, we went to PortoFino's Ristorante (again, sp?) and it was great. We had an awesome meal and the company was the best. Afterwards we went to Cliff's house, and he and Katelyn promptly fell asleep. For this weird ass pseudo insomnia that I've been dealing with, it was no trouble for me to head home to Carol who, at this point, was home from work.

So, the point of this post is to announce that although it isn't preferable to the mat, I do still have a life outside of the mat. I've fallen in love with the group of guys I train with, and the art that I'm learning. It is very depressing to miss even a couple of days, so I went for a short hike with my bro. Coincidentally, he's injured and sidelined from his marathon training, so we had a little bit of common ground for bitching. Anyway, that'll be all for me at the moment. G'night.

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