Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cliff Jumping

...and what a view it was from the top...

Actually, this picture doesn't quite do the trick. I guess the only way to really show you is to jump it...

NOTE: These videos take very long to load. I suggest you open up another window in your browser and do something else for awhile and come back to this page. When you can see images in the video area, they're ready to play. If all you see is black above the video controls, wait more...I'm not kidding, they take forever.

Still not impressed? Alright, fine. Brian will have to jump it too.

Ah, what the hell, Kevin should jump it too.

Did you seriously think that Carol wouldn't jump it?

One hell of a time. Thanks to Brian for inviting us out, and thanks to Carol for convincing me to skip jiu jitsu this morning to go play. I want to go back already.

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