Monday, August 27, 2007

Babalu's Anaconda, UFC 74

UPDATE: Sorry, guys...I guess I should have known that would have happened. The video was, in fact, copyrighted material and no one had any right to put it up for free viewing. The video has been taken down. I didn't save the video myself, only embedded it from another server. Good thing I didn't too, I don't think I want to be sued, heh. If you're interested, you can view the .gif from my first post of UFC: 73, or better yet, go to the UFC Website and buy the fight and watch it for $2 or whatever. It's a good fight, well worth it.

Ok, here's the entire fight between Babalu and David Heath. At about 4:30 of round 2 the beating starts, and Heath is cut and bleeding pretty badly. The anaconda is pretty well sunk and just waiting to be finished at about 1:40. What's pretty funny is you can hear someone in the background screaming "You asshole!" to Babalu. HA! Anyway, here it is. Judge whether or not you think this is a big deal, and keep in mind Royce Gracie's earlier fights, and B.J. Penn vs. Jens Pulver (btw, BJ later said he should have held onto that choke even longer than he did).

Personally, I think Babalu's getting it pretty hard. What he did definatly makes him the ass of the week, but it wasn't REALLY THAT bad. Oh well, I guess it's all up to one's own opinion.

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