Saturday, January 5, 2008

UFC: Nemesis, and other UFC stuff

Just as I, and pretty much everyone else that I knew, had predicted, George St. Pierre beat Matt Hughes to become the Interim Welterweight Champion of the UFC. I still think the world of Matt Hughes, but St. Pierre is something different. Again, big respect to Hughes, but he said it best: "He's a better fighter." That was one slick armbar, George. You dominated the takedown game. My coach decided that in the next day's wrestling class we were going to be going over the simple knee pick that you did, and I love it. And once again, that was one slick kimura to armbar transition. I loved it!

The Liddell vs. Silvia fight was everything it was supposed to be but for some reason, now that I'm not in the middle of watching the fight, the excitement of the whole thing was kinda overboard. I mean, I was into it because Cliff was going to be into it no matter what. Plus he had had a few beers, heh. Anyway, we were watching the fights at Big John's house and Cliff and I were watching in separate rooms because there were too many people there to be watching in the same room. When Chuck vs. Wandy came on, I had to switch rooms to watch with him...I just had to. Anyway, I'm glad I did because Cliff was the reason I got pumped up during the fight. His yelling and screaming prompted me to yell and scream, and without him to get me into it, I would likely have been disappointed. I mean, honestly: that was a boxing by guys with little gloves who don't look like they box very well. The hype would have been lost on me if it weren't for Cliff. Moving on...

So those are the only important thoughts of mine about that night. The bigger thing is that now, according to the story on, is that Serra's back will be healed up for a fight with GSP in Montreal on April 19th, at the Belle Center. Cliff and I may make plans to go to this one. I'm thinking that even if we go, we could save hundreds on the UFC tickets and watch at a local bar. I'm hoping everyone in Montreal will be watching. Hopefully, we'll also get into GSP's afterparty. Because he will win.

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