Thursday, January 3, 2008

New York State Trooper Tutorial

Today I went out to Troop F to take a tutorial class to help prepare myself for the State Trooper's Exam I'll be taking in a couple weeks.

I was surprised by the questions that were asked by some of the other people who were there. It seemed that I was the only one (of those who were asking) that knew this was what they wanted to do. Most of the questions I could have answered myself as I have thoroughly studied the website and already have asked friends who are Troopers and officers from other departments. While everyone else there seemed to be looking for an infomercial on what it's like to be a Trooper, I was there to learn things that would help me score higher on the test.

We did take a practice test, and that is primarily why I'm blogging today. The test was about half the questions and allowed time of the actual test we'll be taking. I finished the test, went through each question from back to front, and then from front to back again. I took the test three times, and still had 5-10 minutes to sit there and wait for time to expire. When time did expire, we were given the answer sheet and I calculated my score: 100%. Go me.

The test doesn't appear to be something that I can really study for, outside of getting as much practice with arithmetic as I can. I'm not getting cocky however. Being in the building, speaking with the recruitment officer, talking about what it's like to be a Trooper and actually taking the practice test has simply made me that much more motivated.

The only thing that I don't like about this is the fact that I had a chance to take the test back when I was in Plattsburgh in 2004. I'd be a Trooper right now. I'd be so much further in my life, and I'd be happy. Maybe some of my other problems never would have come to pass as well. Who knows.

I can't wait to take this exam. I can't wait until Albany calls me up to set me up as a dispatcher at Troop K. I can't wait to go to the academy. I realize I must be patient, but I can't stop thinking about this. I'm truly excited.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations on doing well on the practice exam. Im also looking to start a career as a state trooper also, but this is a very recent decision for me. I've registered for the test and was curious what kind of questions do they ask? Is it just common sense questions and a little math, or is it something you really need to study for? I haven't had the chance to attend a tutorial yet because of work. Good luck on your exam.