Sunday, April 8, 2007

The UFC's Welterweight Division

I watched this live on PPV and I'm still angry the next morning. Anyone can say this, I suppose, but I was a GSP fan from the first time I watched him fight The Heat. I must say that I'm still a GSP fan, but this is a terrible, terrible loss.

First, he looses his first title defense. Secondly, he lost it to someone he should have annihilated. My money was on a first round TKO, but not for Serra. Who does he get now? Well, let me tell you what I would like to see for upcoming UFC welterweight fights.

1. Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra: I want Hughes to get the first crack at him. I would have said Chris Lyttle, but Hughes already dispatched of him since the controversial decision between Serra and Lyttle. I would hope that Hughes would run right through him. If it was jitters that got to GSP, we know that wont be a problem with Hughes who has 46 fights under his belt.

2. GSP vs. Diego Sanchez: GSP and Diego both just lost. This means that for both of them, their next fight is HUGE. They both have a lot to loose in their next fight, which would make for a very interesting fight.

3. Karo vs. Josh Koscheck: Karo lost a decision to Diego, but Diego just lost himself. Karo is a game fighter, as everyone knows, so he needs something high profile to get him back on his way up the ladder. Koscheck, who just beat Deigo is perfect for him. Big fights for both of them. I really don't know how this one would go down. I think it would be fun to see: wrestler vs. judo/jiu jitsu. Neither one of them will bring much to the table, but if both of them come looking for a war, we'll get to see some great grappling. I don't think the grappling will be like it was in the Karo/Diaz fight, but this is still something I think both are line for.

The nice thing about these three fights, is that none are a rematch. I think rematches should take some time before they happen, not like Couture & Liddell or Sylvia & Arlovski. The time it took for BJ, GSP, and Hughes to have their rematches was perfect. The welterweight division was FULL of suspense before last night. Now I'll be reeling with disappointment before I get excited for the next thing (in the 170lb division; There's plenty in other divisions to get excited about, especially now that the Heavyweight division is STACKED!)

Also, I would really like to see BJ Penn stay in the welterweight division, but I think the hype behind him is gone at 170lbs. At 155lbs, he is a major threat to everyone in the division. At 170 he's lost his first two comeback fights. In general, his record doesn't seem to be all that impressive, even though any serious MMA fighter knows he aught to be considered a favorite in 99% of the fights he goes into. Let's see...split decision loss to GSP, split decision win over Serra, 1-1 with Hughes. Now, these guys are at the top of the food chain, yes, but for BJ to become the next big thing in the UFC, the lightweight crown is what he should be seeking next. BTW, I think that's just what he's doing, starting with Jens Pulver.

Ahh, so those are my thoughts. Now, back to my homework.


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