Sunday, April 1, 2007

Feelin' good...

Ahh, I'm feeling much better, as my latest self portrait to the left shows. After a week of coughing, hacking, and feeling like total and utter crap, I'm almost back to 100%. Many things have been going well for me this week, in fact. Let me go over them, so I can feel even that much better about myself! HA!

1. First and foremost, Carol got home on Thursday and will be home for a week. She's on her second spring break, which is a great thing for me on its own, but #2 makes this one even better.

2. No UPS this week. Hallelujah! I am so happy that I'm not getting up at 3am so that I can go walk around a dingy warehouse where dust and diesel fumes are as much of a part of the mix in my lungs as oxygen and carbon dioxide, only to walk around and try to look only busy enough that I shouldn't be disturbed. It also lifts my heart a little (just a little) to learn that even though I run a pretty good operation in my sleep, those who thought they could run it with little to no guidance from me are having a very difficult time with it...and I'm sure they're doing more than walking around, drinking coffee, and with Ian Cahill. I'm also off from UPS next week; that's the part that makes #1 that much better. I don't have to go to sleep so early and the chances of convincing Carol to come to bed when I want to are better (honestly, only slightly better).

3. This week and next week are/was the class that I am taking a licensing course to become Associate Broker at The Realty Stop. Every two years, a salesperson must complete a given (goes up next year) amount of continuing education to maintain their salesperson's license. To become a broker or broker associate, you must have a certain amount of points (points given based on what you've listed and sold). I have the minimum requirement to get the title, and since I have to take class this year whether I'm going for the broker license or not, I'm going to do it. So in a month's time, I'll need to buy all new business cards, heh. Stay tuned, Sean Janicik, Associate Broker cards to be in your mailbox.

Also, the class itself I'm finding to be a lot of fun. I have yet to have a residential sale, and therefore everything that we're talking about is something that I haven't talked about since I went for my salesperson's license two years ago. If this were all stuff that I knew, I'd be bored to tears. The other part of this entire thing, is that the state test that I'll have to take when I'm done with the course is often heavily based on contract law. Given that I'm an aspiring law student as well as everything else that I do, this is all very interesting to me. I'm having a great time.

Those are pretty much the big ones. Those three along with getting a ton more sleep (thanks #2), and beating off that absurd sickness has made for a much better weekend than last. Now, I must be concentrating on putting the finishing touches my Cheever paper. What a pessimist that guy was. I wish I could have met him in person, and then I could judge that his irritating negativity led him to drink or verse visa. I'm sure I'll keep the 2 readers of this blog updated. 'Til next time, I am Sean Janicik.

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