Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bill O'Rielly Interview with Dana White and Rich Franklin

I'm gonna give Bill O'Rielly the benefit of the doubt here, not because I'm a fan of his, but because the statement regarding the fact that the only reason people watch MMA is for the brutality of it. That statement alone demonstrates an obvious lack of education on the subject matter. The fact that that statement wasn't attacked by White or Franklin leads me to believe that it was planned and intentionally overlooked. If the intent of this interview was to show a select audience what it wants to see and hear, perhaps the goal was achieved (I don't know what his audience is typically after). It is unfortunate, though, that someone who is as high profile as O'Rielly is chooses to encourage utter ignorance about the fastest growing sport in America.

To remain true to the tone of this post, I must say that I really don't know if my last statement is accurate (MMA being the fastest growing sport). It is true, however, that I have become a fan and participant of this sport within the last few years (although I have been involved in various martial arts throughout my entire life) and have met many people of whom could be said the same.

I have read one of O'Rielly's books, and found it to be very intuitive. This interview forces me to give pause about everything he says now. I hope this embarrassing failure to do adequate research is not a habitual of his work.

...and, to demonstrate Fox News' fair and balanced reporting (heh)...

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