Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UMAN Grappling Tournament

This past Sunday we were at the UMAN Grappling tournament in Rahway, NJ. I did well in my first two matches and made a stupid mistake to get subbed in my third. I ended up taking third place. In all fairness, there weren't enough participants to have different experience categories. This means that the guys I beat (and the guy who beat me) may very well have a great deal less or a great deal more experience than I do. As usual, you don't get to see me lose. That video goes into my personal collection, never to be seen by the outside world. Unless someone else took video too. Oh well, here are videos if you'd like to watch. Enjoy!

Match #1

Match #2


Brian said...

You did GREAT! Very proud of your performance!

Uncle Pat said...

Nice, neither of them seemed to expect it so quickly. Good to see some kick ass left in the family.