Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Cousin

My cousin is in New Zealand on a... ridiculously long vacation? Anyway, he has a blog up and he mentioned Sir Edmund Hillary. His thoughts made me chuckle, and I thought I'd share them with the Janicik world. Here ya go!

All of New Zealand was bummed out by the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary,
co-conqueror of Mt. Everest. Up until the rise of Xena: Warrior Princess, Sir Ed
was the world’s most renown Kiwi, and the national papers ran full page photos
and articles commemorating his life and achievements. There is a movement to
name a mountain after him, which seems appropriate. I wonder if there’s a Mt.
Tenzing somewhere in Nepal. Maybe Mt. Everest should be renamed Mt.
Hillary-Tenzing. Shouldn’t the mountain be named after the guys who first
climbed it, rather than a
former Surveyor-General of India
? Compared to Hillary and Norgay, Everest
was a punk-ass bitch. Why does he get that naming rights?

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