Monday, April 7, 2008

Sean Hannity and MMA

...and I'm not a fan of his brand of entertainment. I am a conservative, and I can't stand this guy. This video goes right along with the previous one I posted featuring Bill O'Rielly spewing the same kind of crap.

Listen... people get paralyzed playing hockey and football. You don't see people rushing to take their kids out of these sports, do you? If you can't handle seeing kids do MMA then don't fucking watch it.

However, I am sick of people like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Rielly (I can't stand either one of them honestly; I'm a Rush fan and Sean, who comes on right after Rush, simply can't compete. I'm sure he doesn't feel too bad about this; no one can compete with Rush), with whom I'd love to agree on so many things, spout off nonesense and do what they can to hurt the image of a sport that millions love and practice.

Sean, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by thinking that you're not dumb enough to truly believe what you say about MMA. More likely you've simply found something else upon which you can go off because you think your audience will like hearing you bad mouth something they don't like. Well, guess what? I'm a conservative, and I like MMA. Yes, McCain has my vote but his previously stated positions on MMA are based on what the sport was and not what it is. Today those positions are wrong, and so are you. Stop bashing the sport I love.

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