Friday, March 21, 2008


Last night, Carol and I watched the movie Shooter...ok, I watched the movie while she was on her computer sitting next to me. Anyway, we had both heard the movie was pretty cool and it seemed to start off that way. Ok, I thought it started out cool, but Carol doesn't do well with military violence. She was almost crying immediately expressing her reluctance to my desire to go into the special forces a couples years down the road. Anyway...

So the action started off pretty well, but eventually it became over the top. Kinda disappointing. Regardless of all the violence, whether it was good or bad, I have to say that the political jabbing was ridiculous. Yes, I'm a conservative, and many of those jabs were directed at people of like mind to me. When it comes to movies and music, however, conservatives have to develop thick skin or they won't like anything. Shooter, on the other hand, was just simply ridiculous. I mean, it was like the director said "You know what, this really has hardly anything to do with the movie, and it will make the writers sound like a bunch of immature college freshman protesting about what they don't understand, but what the hell, let's throw it in anyway."

Really people. This movie sucked. When you sacrifice the quality of your movie to try and throw your political whining onto the public, you become a shitty movie maker. Your job is to make movies. I pay to watch a movie. If I wanted to hear someone bash conservatives and the Bush administration, I would watch main stream media. Oh, wait, heh, silly me. I don't have cable. Oh well. I guess I've made my point: don't turn a movie that has potential into a shitty movie by making it a statement. Thanks.

P.S. A much better version of this movie can be found by watching the Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon. If you've seen those, don't bother wasting your time on this one.

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