Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Status of The Janicik Report, The Janicik Blog, and Me

In case anyone is actually keeping track of my online publishing stuff, it would seem right of me to give some sort of explanation to the sudden, drastic drop off in the keeping up of all my stuff.

Back in June, I got hit with the Vundo virus on my computer. It made my processor run ape shit, and burned out all the sectors of my hard drive. I had to replace the hard drive, which I did. Since then, everything had been going fine until a few weeks ago. Although I don't think that I have another virus, my computer has been running exponentially slower, and now its at the point that it simply doesn't work. I had the guys at the Student Help Desk here at New Paltz do a "fitness test" (something that I had never heard of with relationship to a computer's hard drive) and the results showed that there were many bad sectors on my 3 month old hard drive. WTF, right?

I brought my computer back to the guys who fixed it the first time, and everyone agrees that it is likely a defective hard drive that is the culprit. Chances are I'll have to go through the same stuff that I went through last time (reinstalling, etc.), but it will be free. It will also be easier this time around since I bought a 500 gig external hard drive to hold all of my files (music, videos, docs, etc.).

Other things that have been assailing me...nothing really all that serious, except that I can't seem to get a handle on my sleep patterns. Fortunately, I'm at my prime of day when it comes time to train, but I can't seem to get to sleep at reasonable hours. This is fine when I don't have classes, but when I do I'm dead for the entire day. This has been going on since I left UPS. Although it might make some sense that the whacked out sleep schedule I was on while at UPS would have a lasting negative impact on me, but I didn't think 4 months...anyway, I've got a banged up ankle and elbow from training and that's about it. Between that and the massive increase in fiber I've been taking to get ready to make weight at NAGA...well, at least I still know the difference between that issue and my elbow.

Anyway, that's whats going on with me right now for all those who keep up to date with my online stuff. Hopefully I'll have my computer back soon, and this sleep thing will go away sooner than later. Be safe out there...

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