Wednesday, June 6, 2007

GOP Hopefuls Slam Bush

Wow, such a trend has developed that even Republicans are bashing Bush. Is this a result of the biased media doing everything they can to make Bush look bad that the GOP won't even attempt to fight it? Do they believe that the general conservative public disagrees with what Bush has done in Iraq? I'm not sure that I do. The war is over, for those of you who aren't aware. We are involved in their civil war yes, but we finished our primary objective as I knew it: Getting rid of Hussein. That was our war.

Republicans have been spineless lately. Speaking out against Bush the way they are, not supporting their own party, the current administration not standing up for itself until it's their base that they're pissing off (immigration)...almost enough to make me want to sit out a few elections to punish them!

HAHAHAHA!!!! The only thing dumber than voting for an asshole Republican is not voting for him. The idea of the most spineless of Republicans in office is still less revolting than a liberal like John McCain being elected...oh, wait...

Will Fred Thompson finally announce his candidacy? It's not that I know I want him, but I do want more to choose from. ::sob::

Find the article I'm referring to here.

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