Friday, June 8, 2007

Fists fly on Alabama Senate floor

In responce to being called a "son of a (undisclosed)," Senator Charles Bishop punched Senator Lowell Barron in the head. I really don't think this is much of a big deal. I'm not one for getting into arguments with Democrats...I grew up in a house with two people whom, although I was too young to realize at the time, are Democrats. They couldn't hold their own against me in an argument, and still can not to this day. So, they resorted to changing the subject, sarcasm, and when things got really tough for them, name calling.

Regardless, I think that a good punch in the face can do a lot of good! Think of Paris Hilton lately...all the press and hullabaloo over her breaking of the law could have been avoided. Certainly, the jail time that she was sentanced too was meant to shock her into reality and make her realize that she must start acting like an adult. Would not a good, strong, punch in the face have the same effect? I guess I can't say for certain, since punching people in the face and getting punched in the face is a sport and leisure activity for me and some of my closest friends, but I would guess that to people who aren't used to a row of knuckles on the jaw would get the message pretty clearly. Just think - James Brown given a new way to help out his community!

Anyhow, back to my calling and other assinine ways of expressing yourself should be no more acceptable than punching someone in the face. I liken punching someone in such a way as Senator Bishop did as just another form of expression. No? If burning the American Flag is a form of expression, then so is denting someone's face. You insult me, I'll insult you back. If you dont insult me, you wont be insulted back. If we can get the nation as a whole to understand that if you're in a heated argument, and you do something as low as insult your opponent the result is that you're going to get hit, it will make it that much less likely to happen. Arguments will have an outcome, a conclusion...and I suppose if inflamatory comments such as insults aren't at their disposal, Democrats would lose every time - which really means that everybody wins! Ha!

In true liberal fashion, I hope that Barron realizes that it was the environment, the situation that forced Bishop to react in such a way (tounge firmly in cheek). Besides, most people don't know how to throw a punch; this supported by the fact that Barron wasn't hurt.

Anyhow, although I could rant on about this, I think I've said everything that really matters. Find the article referring to this incident by clicking here.

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