Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ring of Combat XVII

Q: 20-25 people sat in a car for a round trip of around 8 hours for a minute and ten seconds worth of action?

A: You're damned right we did.

Be ye warned: This video will take several minutes to load. If you're that interested, go do something else and come back in a few.

There were many other fights on the card, but I'm not going to post anything concerning any of them. Congratulations to Brian for winning the Ring of Combat Beasts of the NorthEast lightweight tournament! Below are some pictures that came after the fight. Enjoy!


BMan said...

Brian is a motivational force, an inspiration and a damn impressive young man. I'm honored to know him and to be able to train with him.

Congrats on a job well done Brian.

Brian said...

Great video and pics Sean - thanks for all the support!

perpetual blue-belt said...


Beast of the East

Word to triangle chokes

Word to post fight food runs

And above all, Word to Lou Neglia. Stay up hommie