Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank You, American Eagle

I must give a strong thank you to American Eagle Clothing company, or whatever their official name is. You are a savior to men with significant others everywhere. Your giant, comfy, leather chairs are what makes shopping in your store tolerable. I also appreciate the TV that shows what MTV really should be. I truly dislike your taste in music, but am certainly NOT complaining. Any form of distration is better than none.

I believe I spent about an hour in one of your big chairs yesterday, while my wife picked out over $200 in clothes. I can't understand spending that much money in clothes, but I do indeed spend that kind of money on toys for myself (new boxing gloves, stuff for my car, etc.). The part that makes it tolerable for my wife is that I do much of my shopping online. She can be anywhere and doing anything she wants while I shop. I do, however, have to be around my wife while she shops so I can tell her that yes, that is the cutest outfit ever.

This being the case, I must say that because of your chairs and TV's, I will always choose your store first. Now, if Banana Republic would only catch on...

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