Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Time to Celebrate!

Not only is today Carol F. Janicik's Birthday, but its is also the day she should henceforth be known as Carol F. Janicik, R.N.!!!!

So, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful woman in the whole world, and congratulations on getting your new title! It should be known, that not only did Carol pass, she aced the test! There was never a doubt in anyone's mind!

A huge round of applaus is due, and a big fuss will be made in her honor. Be sure to pass the word along, and send your congrats to

She has even more to be excited about as well! While we're celebrating, her brand new 2007 Beetle is on its way, and our 2 year anniversary is Monday! How does she handle the excitement?!?!

One more time, and for the record...



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mmmmmmmmmmMuffin! you are the best hubby EVER