Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GSP News

More flare on GSP vs. Koscheck in an upcoming UFC. Read the full article by Andy Cotterill on by clicking here.

St. Pierre to meet Koscheck at UFC 74

Well it looks like the speculation over whether or not these two will meet has finally been answered. From Josh Koscheck (Pictures)'s official website:

Well as of now, it looking like Kos is set to be fighting in AUG at UFC 74 and it's looking like we will be taking on Georges St. Pierre (Pictures). We have the contract and will be sending it back this week to the UFC! More updates to come in the next couple of days!

This pairing has been rumored since UFC president Dana White made a comment that it was "likely" they'd meet, prompting several news outlets to take that as meaning it was confirmed.

Winning this fight will be crucial for each fighter at this stage of their careers. If Koscheck wins, it would be crazy to think that he wouldn't be next in line for a title shot. If St. Pierre doesn't win, that only means that his road to redemption will be much longer than anyone expected.

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